Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gentoo on an Everex Cloudbook

The title says what I want to do when I get mine. Until then, I will attempt to determine the ideal use flags and will begin to compile a system on my desktop.

Why Gentoo when the gOS is so good? Because I think I can and it sounds like fun :)

I plan to compile everything just for my machine (all cloudbooks) and hopefully will be fast. I will use either fluxbox or E17 for the windowmanager (though XFCE/Compiz should work fine with 512mb ram).

I want to set up a fine graphical setup, but capitalize on the "geeky" side of Linux and make use of commandline programs. That will be fun in coffee shops when people look over my shoulder! Programs I have in mind are: MOC (music on console), aria2 download utility, calcurse (console calendar/todo list), Finch (the text based version of pidgin), and mplayer with aalib for videos in ascii (also fun at coffee shops :) ), and of course several custom bash scripts to print out certain data.

Maybe someone has suggestions for what else would be fun/geeky to do with this umpc (another good reason to be using Gentoo). Also, I will be needing help for the use flags, and other compiling issues. All suggestions are welcome.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait till the cloudbook finds its way to Europe (scanning eBay for imports). any help on the optimal Gentoo setup on this toy/tool would be greatly appreciated - that was my original plan too.

this will be more fun when people actually have those machines to tinker with and try out different flags and kernel options.

not being a geek myself I officially count on your geeky assistance in the future.

MR said...

So, to clear up what I ended up doing. I was disappointed to realize I would be unable to use compiz-fusion on teh cloudbook - and this led me to not buy it. I went with a cheap Acer instead - sometimes wondering if I should have gone with an EEE!

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