Sunday, June 22, 2008

Macbook 13" LCD Broken

Background: This is my wife's laptop, which she loves, and the LCD was cracked after my 2yo son hit the back of the screen with his foot as he was rolling around on the couch (where my wife was working on it) :(

How we fixed a broken LCD on a macbook: Needless to say, when this happened both of us were very disappointed! Our first thoughts were, "How much will this cost?" and "Is it better to just buy a new laptop?" and my wife even thought, "Maybe I spend too much time with it and should not even get another one or fix it." After spending a few days using my laptop as a bandaid, she quickly decided she wanted her mac back!

Choice #1: Fix or buy new?

Choice #2: Send in to Apple, 3rd vendor, or fix ourselves?

Choice #3: Whose advice to follow?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Coby 1gb clip mp3 player

I just saw this for sale. It costs $25 and seems to be a good deal. My problem...I don't know if it plays ogg files as most of my cd collection is in ogg/vorbis format.

Does anyone know if it will play ogg files? Here is the link to its Coby product website.

I may end up buying one and testing it, then give it either a good (plays free codecs) or bad review.