Saturday, June 6, 2009

Acer Aspire One running Arch Linux and KDE4 is Awesome!!

I really like my AAO. I have now upgraded to 1.5 Gb ram following YouTube video examples. It was straightforward, though tougher than the usual "unscrew small compartment under the laptop." I have a subjective feel that it runs faster and smoother - who knows for sure :)

I recently dropped my Ubuntu distribution for my netbook to Arch Linux. Why? - Because I have never installed it before and I always hear good things about it. I liked Gentoo because of the rolling distro part of it, but I did not like compiling all the time. I like the balance of the rolling distro but binary. It also works extremely well and fast (as advertised by Arch Linux fans).

I hesitated installing KDE4 as I previously tried Kubuntu and was disappointed by the speed of the DE. I loved the idea of Plasma, and with 4.2 in Arch Linux and my increased ram, I decided to try it. I still love it. I have been customizing and beginning to really like what I have.

(Caution Ahead - weak rant on KOrganizer next)
Even so, I have been sadly disappointed in KOrganizer! I want what Kontact offers - mail, calendar, journal, todo, notes, and a summary screen - BUT - Kmail does not want to keep copies of my imap messages locally (so if I am not on a network - I cannot respond/go through my email) and Kontact will not 2-way sync with google calendar! I cannot believe that these things have not been addressed or described as a working high priority so far by the KDE team! They have sure come a long ways in very short time with the KDE4 release, but with the popularity of Google's services and the abundance of netbooks/laptops who might want to work on email while offline - I am just amazed and disappointed. I will continue to use a conglomerate of other programs to do what I desire, though none would fit as nicely with what I want as KOrganizer does.

I am sure more things will pop up that I won't like, but with KOrganizer suite as my only large criticism/disappointment, this is not bad for all the work the KDE team has done. Strong work!

To the KDE team: Even so, please enable 2-way sync for Kontact and offline cache for imap in Kmail.